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Shreay has already helped to streamline many companies, increasing profits and simplifying procedures. Customers happily recommend us to their colleagues and even their competitors, as it makes everyone in their industry improve and evolve.

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M/S Sea Bird Medicare Pvt Ltd.

Akash Tanawade the founder of Shreay Technologies has done a wonderful job designing the perfect software for our company Sea Bird Medicare.

The software is easy to use and learn. All information can be retrieved with a few clicks of a button. Every page is loaded with all the information required and put in a streamlined manner. Reports are generated fast and all types of forms can be generated as well. Patient records can be printed, or directly emailed. The final result is extraordinary. The plus point about the software is that it is very open-ended. The system can be moulded to suit the company's requirements. The software was trimmed, primed and tailor made for us. The software is not just a Clinical Information System (CIS) but can be made into a full fledged Hospital Information System (HIS) where operations of Medical, Legal, Administrative, HR and Financial aspects can be managed. Another useful attribute is the software is cloud based and can be used from your mobiles and tablets. That's information on the go. All you need is a 3G network/wifi and you are good to go at any place and time. The pros are many and cons are scarce.

The software on the whole is robust and evolving. If you want a system that works amazingly well and is effective, use Akash. When you need to recondition your systems and return with major upgrades it is important that you use the right software to counter all the loopholes and I can't thank Akash enough for assisting us constantly. Mr. Bobby Mathew, Head Administrator and Lead Auditor.

Shree Swami Samarth Clinic

There has been excellent support in terms of providing the services well on time and they truly stand by their motto in terms of creating enduring value for customers. Dr. Shrikant Birbale.

Marine Medical Services

With our old systems, we had a lot of duplication in our service processes for our customers. With Locus, we are using half of the people to service our customers, which has absolutely had a positive impact on our overhead costs.Dr. Ashish Chaudhari

Vijaya Marine Health Care Foundation

After a lot of evaluation, we settled for Locus, which was flexible and scalable to fit all our needs. Dr. G. K. Venkatesh.

Shiny Medical Center

Shreay truly stands by its promise of creating enduring value for its customers. Really appreciate Shreay for its unwavering focus in delivering a best-in-class solution with end-to-end functionality, as per the specified timelines. Dr. K. R. S. Kanwar

Satwik Diagnostic Center

It was important that we could implement a system without disruption to operations. We did not want to be late or miss candidate. None of that happened with Shreay. Dr. Anil Satwik, M.D.

M/S Saanvi Children's Hospital

The system has allowed us to make decisions about taking the business forward-identifying trends and where we can make improvements and apply best practices. Dr. Satish A. Shahane

M/S Sea Bird Medicare Pvt Ltd.

Shreay has helped us consolidate most of the HRM functions in one system, enabling accurate record keeping for staff benefits and timely reimbursement. Mr. Bobby Mathew, Head Administrator and Lead Auditor.

M/S Dios Pvt Ltd.

Shreay provides architecture that results in superior Total Cost of Ownership with ultimate business flexibility. Mr. Akshay Shah, Director