POS - Point of Sale

             Point of Sale software is being used in millions of retail and hospitality businesses who have thousands of different POS software to choose from. A right POS software will give the business a new level of control over operations; increasing efficiency, boosting profits, and will help it fine-tune its business model.
  • Accuracy: Scanning is more accurate than punching in numbers from a sticker, or expecting the cashier to remember what each item costs.
  • Analysis: POS systems let you manage inventory, flag items for reorder, and analyze sales patterns.

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  • Point of sale systems simplify the accounting process. Old fashioned cash registers force accountants to sort through hundreds of receipts, but with a point of sale system financial personnel can simply use the built in reports or create their own.

  • Unlike a cash register, a point of sale system often includes an overall inventory management system. Store owners can use a point of sale system to track their biggest sellers and reorder those products when stock gets low.

  • It is easy to look up past transactions. If you need to know how much you sold last Tuesday a point of sale system can give you that information in a snap. It would take many hours of laborious work to find the same answer using a cash register.

  • You can use a point of sale system to create your own purchase orders, eliminating an extra step in the ordering process. You can even automate the ordering process to make sure you never run out of your hottest selling products.

  • Modern workers are often more comfortable with point of sale devices than old fashioned cash registers. The generation now entering the workforce never knew a time without computers, and as a result they are very comfortable working with computerized technology like point of sale devices.

  • Point of sale devices provide faster service than old fashioned cash registers. Every part of the process, from authorizing a credit card transaction to printing a customer receipt, is faster on a point of sale device.

  • Customers receive more informative itemized receipts with a point of sale devices. Many cash registers can only print the date and the amount of the sale, but since point of sale devices are tied into the inventory control system they can provide much more detailed information, including a description of the item, the list price and the sale price.

  • Point of sale devices can cut down on user errors. Hitting a wrong key is always a risk when ringing a sale, but point of sale devices have built in checks to ensure that the information is entered accurately.

  • You can see real time inventory with a point of sale device, something that even the best cash registers simply cannot do. In fact, many companies have found that implementing a point of sale system virtually eliminates the need for a costly hand count.

  • The maintenance and repair costs are often much lower on a point of sale device than a cash register. The number of companies that repair cash registers is dwindling, and that means that repair costs can be rather high. There are many vendors who repair point of sale devices, and that can keep repair costs low.

Sales Features

  • Works with touch screens/systems and non-touch screen based systems.
  • Time Based Discount Rules (Buy X Get Y for Z%, Mix and Match, etc.)
  • Recurring billing with card on file (great for club management and service businesses)
  • Wish List/Gift Registry
  • Age Verification
  • VAT for countries that support a Value Added Tax
  • Support fractional cents. Great for businesses price large quantity discounts or sell items at fractional cents like gas
  • Promotion Code Tracking
  • Open Orders/Deposit Tracking
  • Sales Manager allows you to view, reprint receipts, change, copy and void sales. View saved sales, open orders (deposits), layaways, gift certificates and daily sales totals.

Customer Features

  • Customer Cards
  • Store Credit
  • House Accounts and Invoicing
  • Birthday and Interest Tracking
  • Activity Manager to track customer contact histories and ToDos
  • Customer E-Mailing
  • Price Level Discounting Rules
  • Time Based Discounting Rules. Tuesday is "Locals Day" promotions.
  • Loyalty Program
  • Customer Images
  • Customer Manager provides customer sales and item history for all locations through the Customer Manager. Customer centric operations to make you more efficient and better able to serve and sell to your customers.

Inventory Features

  • Barcode-based Pricing Labels
  • Receiving Histories
  • Purchase Orders auto-generated by Minimums and Maximums or Sales
  • 5 price fields - Allows you to set up customers for price level discounting.
  • Separate Vendor and Manufacturer Part Number Fields
  • Seasonal Minimum and Maximum Field Tracking
  • Physical Inventory Collection System for Inventory and Sales, Purchase Order and Transfer Order generation
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Alternate Code Lookups
  • Auto purchase order generation based on sales and minimums
  • Instant Sales and Quantity Information for all locations through the Inventory Manager


  • Hundreds of preconfigured reports with many filters to better enable you to get the information out of POS System you need to reorder, sell and manage your customers.
  • Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, or text file formats.
  • Filter and memorize the ones you use all the time.
  • Statements, invoices and purchase orders can be quickly printed and then e-mailed to your customer or vendor.

Client Server Architecture

  • The client/server software architecture is a versatile architecture that improves flexibility and scalability. A client is defined as a requester of services and a server is defined as the provider of services. A single machine can be both a client and a server depending on the software configuration.
  • This means that RetailEdge will be extremely stable and will maintain data integrity across wireless networks and the Internet.

Order Entry

  • Define Products and Order Entry Menus
  • Touch Screen Pushbutton Order Entry
  • Pizza Ordering
    1. Partial pie toppings
    2. Half Pizza
    3. On-the-fly size changes
    4. Displaying included toppings and omitting selected toppings from specialty pizzas
    5. Enter and Track Discounts and Coupons
    6. Coupon effective and expiration dates
    7. Offers available during limited days and times
    8. Percentage discounts
    9. Specific item discounts
    10. Combination order item discounts
    11. Two-for-one discounts
  • Authorization for discount and deleting
  • Easy to Read Preparation Tickets and Kitchen Monitor
  • Order repeat using single click

Order Tracking

  • View open orders
  • Future Orders
  • Manager's Console Provides Real-Time Information

Order Delivery

  • Print Delivery Tickets
  • Dedicated or Shared Dispatch Station
  • Staff info assigned to that delivery

Complete Restaurant Inventory System

Table and Guest Management

  • Table Map
  • Check table status
  • Open or close a station or dining area
  • Wait List
  • Change of table
  • Server on that station
  • Table Reservation
  • Track Delivery Staff Efficiency
  • Server details


  • Enter a customer once then select the customer for future orders.
  • No reentry of customer address is required.
  • Customer information, telephone number and delivery instructions appear on every customer order.
  • Use the customer database to send special offers by email or postal mail.
  • Track customer order frequency and send offers to customers who have not ordered as frequently as they have in the past.
  • Celebrate customer birthdays.
  • Multiple Telephone Numbers
  • Customer Information on Orders and kot
  • Delivery Driver Details
  • Comments for customers
  • Track of customers going inactive

Improve Efficiency

  • Keeps track of food Quality

All kind of reports with most combinations of filter

  • Sms offer facility