Locus - Medical Reporting and Management Software

             Locus promotes success. Comprised of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) functioning as an integrated single solution, it offers the industry's broadest range of user-configurable functionality and is based entirely on open standards. Our unique software enhancement program provides continuous added value in the flag state form of new product features and functional modules.

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         Locus provides the best solution to current requirements and also enables the system to be readily adapted as your business needs change. Our commitment to open standards also means that the Locus solution will be compatible with your existing computing environment and that you can be confident it will adapt to the future. Locus customers easily upgrade to new release versions and implement new computing technology without reconfiguration.

         Locus encompasses all of the traditional LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) concepts and extends them even further by adding complementary capabilities and technologies. Most importantly, it does so with complete and seamless integration. The result is a single system that meets the diverse needs of the modern laboratory. Locus customers commonly realize the following benefits from the use of the Laboratory platform:

  • Reduced costs and improved efficiency
  • Improved transparency to lab work status
  • Flexibility to accommodate new requirements
  • Improved quality and compliance

         If your existing software is no longer satisfactory, or the computing platform it requires is no longer supported, then you can rely on Locus to deliver a proven, modern and comprehensive replacement system for your business. In fact, many companies find that the cost of maintaining or upgrading an existing inferior system actually exceeds the investment needed to replace it with Locus.

         Locus has extensive experience replacing other legacy systems and you can count on Locus to provide a flexible and upgradeable system that delivers compelling results at a reduced cost. Many customers who purchased Locus are running up-to-date systems that still meet their requirements.

  • Quick and easy information availability
    • Every available chunk of data is stored digitally, results high availability.
    • All information like Patient's profile, test result, referring organization etc are stored permanently.
    • Search and navigation of records based on Patients ID/ Name /organization etc.
  • Input once and multiple use
    • One time information feeding which can be reused multiple times.
    • Patient's profile, company profile needs to be created once which can be referred in future.
    • Patient's medical history and family details can be reused from previously generated reports.
  • One click reporting
    • After completing data entry, medical certificate will be generated with just a click.
    • Along with fitness certificate, all corresponding investigation reports will be queued for printing as well.
    • Previously generated reports can be searched and printed with just a click.
    • Individual organization-wise annual report can be generated on a click.
    • In depth daily summary report will be generated at the end of the day.
  • Highly customizable reports
    • In Locus 1.0 every report is customizable in many ways.
    • Structure and content of report can be altered effortlessly.
    • Default values for every report are user-customizable.
    • Normal & abnormal test results values differentiated in reports.
  • Easy accounting
    • Balance sheet report, by selecting from and to date.
    • Automatic ledger balance update as per the report generation.
    • Customizable pricing for individual report for better accounting.
  • Comprehensive billing
    • In detail, automated bill will be generated on organizational level.
    • Individual candidate-wise segregation of every bill will be available.
    • Received payments from organization will be available against corresponding bill automatically.
    • Receipts will be generated against every bill (If Required).
  • User Friendly GUI
    • Easy to use, no user training required.
    • Minimal data entry, pre-specified default values and use of patient's historical data makes Locus 1.0 quick and less error prone.
    • Data entry validation and printer formatted reports.
  • Unique web portal access for clients
    • After successfully completion of examination by candidate, mail will be sent to respective organization.
    • Online reports download will be provided by unique web-portal in Locus 1.0 to organization using their login credentials.
    • Using Locus 1.0 portal, organization can schedule appointment for their candidates.
  • Real time examination tracking
    • Locus 1.0 dashboard allows access to ongoing patient's examination.
    • It will also display monthly summarized graphical representation of statistics like patients count, organizational details etc.
    • Auto alerts about certificate expiry prior 15 days (User Configurable).
  • High Security
    • Application level security will be provided by user login credential.
    • Administrator can set individual user access privileges is required.
    • Locus 1.0 being web-application, uses remotely located secure server storage providing additional level of security.


$15.00 / Month
  • 100 applications
  • 24x7 support available
  • No hidden fees
  • Free 30-days trial
  • Stop anytime easily


$20.00 / Month
  • 100 applications
  • 24x7 support available
  • No hidden fees
  • Free 30-days trial
  • Stop anytime easily


$15.00 / Month
  • 100 applications
  • 24x7 support available
  • No hidden fees
  • Free 30-days trial
  • Stop anytime easily


$15.00 / Month
  • 100 applications
  • 24x7 support available
  • No hidden fees
  • Free 30-days trial
  • Stop anytime easily