IMS - Institute Management System

             IMS is a highly‐interactive web‐based Educational Institute Management System that provides a complete market leading solution for your Institute administration. It combines the evolution of software and the internet for the purpose of improving education by fostering an environment for communication, Manage, Control and Monitoring. IMS is the ultimate tool for data, analysis and reporting, along with the means to communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders, immediately and effectively.

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         IMS is designed to integrate the disparate Educational Institute processes of financial management, enrolments, student management, student behaviour, timetabling, VET and academic reporting into a user-friendly, technologically advanced solution.

         IMS provides secure access to your IMS database from any location (on and off campus) via a web browser. IMS can be integrated with your Educational Institute website or portal and is fully configurable to provide appropriate access to the wider Educational Institute community including teachers, students and parents.

         IMS is a modular Educational Institute management system that allows you to add additional components as and when you need them.

  • Easy to use IMS Quicklist tool for ad-hoc reporting
  • Fully customisable to your Educational Institute’s specific requirements
  • IMS worksheet provides spreadsheet style display and editing of records
  • Extensive range of standard and customisable reports, with output to screen, printer, PDF, HTML or MS Excel

Student Administration

  • Educational Institute Administration for single and multi-campus Educational Institutes
  • Families and Students
  • Future Students
  • Past Educational Institute Members
  • Staff Information
  • Awards, Behaviour and Suspension Recording
  • Student Absence Processing
  • Email and SMS communication with history record
  • Manage enquiries from prospective parents

Parents & Students

  • Attendance records
  • Timetable and calendar
  • Behaviour records
  • Academic reports
  • Newsletters and bulletins
  • Family account information (Institutional fees)
  • Various downloadable reports including class lists.

Vocational Education and Training

  • Utilise multiple Registered Training Organisations
  • Manage student VET enrolments and results
  • VET Certification reports
  • Fully AVETMISS compliant

MarkSheet Module

  • Teacher Assessment Tool
  • Integrated with IMS timetable
  • Final results transfer to Academic Reporting

Institution Administrators

  • Student enrolment & demographics
  • Attendance
  • Parent/guardian information
  • Emergency/medical information
  • Timetables and Calendars
  • Reporting to parents
  • Integrated finances with automatic fee generation
  • Fully customisable chart of accounts
  • Easy to use bank reconciliation tool
  • Feature rich Debtor and Creditor management
  • Versatile payment and receipting – cash, cheque, credit card, EFTPOS and BPay
  • Cost Centres and budget management
  • Full BAS reconciliation is automated and electronic submission to ATO supported
  • Asset Management
  • Integrated payroll package.

Finance Module

  • Double entry accrual accounting system
  • Full General Ledger processing and reporting
  • Accounts Receivable – Sundry Debtors and Family Debtors with automated billing
  • Accounts Payable with Purchase Orders
  • Asset Management and Depreciation
  • Inventory and Uniform Shop
  • Cost Centre Reporting (configurable on request)
  • Streamlined purchasing procedures
  • Requisition management and workflow

Teachers & Academic Staff

  • Student and Family contact and demographic information
  • Student Attendance records
  • Student Behaviour records
  • Daily and Weekly Student and Staff Timetables
  • Create new and update existing mark books
  • Enter purchase requisitions
  • Various downloadable reports

Payroll Module

  • Support for payer/supplier entities
  • PAYG, SGL and FBT reporting
  • Leave Management
  • Auto-generation of pay runs
  • Customisable pay slips

Human Resource Module

  • Manage Positions and Appointments
  • Track licenses, associations, registrations and their expiry/renewal
  • Manage Induction Process for new staff
  • Emergency and medical information
  • Self service portal with access to payslips and leave applications

Timetabling & Academic Reporting

  • Timetable Planning, Generation and Management
  • Calendar Functionality
  • Events Management
  • Exam Timetables
  • Teacher Relief Management
  • Fully configurable Academic Reporting solution
  • Period Based Attendance recording

Institution Management Team

  • Timetable planning, generation and management
  • Purchase requisition entry and approval
  • Teacher mark book data analysis
  • Department budget information.


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$15.00 / Month
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  • No hidden fees
  • Free 30-days trial
  • Stop anytime easily