Hosting and Cloud Computing

         When considering the management, performance, security and platforms on which your business systems operate, have you considered the following:

  • What would happen to your business if you couldn't access your systems for a day, or week?
  • What if your servers or platform crashed and your backup strategy failed?
  • What if you suffered a security breach or computer hacking incident during which sensitive or personal / confidential information about your customers was stolen or published?
  • Have you given appropriate consideration to IT Governance issues, and documented a plan?

Why take the risk? You, your staff and clients deserve better.


         We come with years of technology subject matter experts that know how to make the most of your current infrastructure investments, control costs, and deliver a secure environment. Based on proven models and customer use cases, we ensure that your transition to the cloud is a smooth and painless process from the beginning. It is important at the outset of your deployment project to gather and capture information about your existing IT environment. With our proven project methodology, we deliver the deployment in three distinct phases: Plan, Prepare, and Migrate. Organizing a deployment according to these phases provides you with high-level timeframes that controls the pace of the deployment while keeping individual sequenced tasks serialized.

         Whether you're a small business or an enterprise environment, we will customize a Cloud solution to best fit the needs of your organization with ease of management.